30.07.2016: Website is back online

The website has been down the past few days, but now it is back online!

I upgraded the server to a new distribution release, and some of the services did not work anymore. Due to limited spare time, it took me a couple of days to sort out everything. These were the main problems:

  • The apache webserver was upgraded to 2.4. This version requires a new format in the access control definition. The old one would be supported, but only if mod_access_compat is enabled. This wasn't in my case, so the website was not accessible anymore.
  • After I sorted that out, I found out that the php module mysqli was not supported anymore, so I changed this to mysql (php access to MySQL DB server).
  • This however did not help much as the PDO module for MySQL was not installed, so I installed this as well.

I hope now everything runs smooth now!


Concerning a new release of Regard3D: I have many ideas for a new version, also new versions of third-party libraries (OpenMVG 1.0, for example) and tools (mvs-texturing with tone-mapping) are waiting to be included. Unfortunately my private and professional life do not allow me to work much on Regard3D. But I intend to work on a new version of Regard3D in the next few months!