3D View

The 3D view is the central part of the Regard3D window. It shows either a

  • Triangulation
  • Densification
  • Surface

Only one object is shown at a time. To load an object, either double-click on the corresponding item in the project tree or select it and choose "Show triangulated points", "Show point cloud" or "Show surface".

The object can be rotated, zoomed and moved using the mouse. The mouse handling follows the "virtual trackball"-scheme. The default mouse button assignment is as follows:

  • Left mouse button: Rotate object around center of virtual trackball
  • Right mouse button: Move object
  • Mouse wheel: Rotating the mouse wheel forward zooms in, backward zooms out

The mouse button and wheel assignment can be changed in the properties.


Show trackball

The virtual trackball can be switched on and off with this check box. This can be used for screenshots, for example.


Changing the way point clouds are displayed

For point clouds, the point size can be changed. Especially sparse point clouds are difficult to make out when the point size is 1 (the default), in that case increase the point size with the slider on the top right.


Changing the way surfaces are displayed

  • Show texture: If the surface has a texture, it can be switched off to see the raw 3D surface
  • Enable lighting: Switches off OpenGL lighting. This can be used to see the true colors
  • Polygon mode: Switch to Line or Point to see the outlines of the triangles
  • Shading model: Default is Smooth. By setting the shading model to Flat it is possible to see the individual triangles


Reset orientation

The "Reset orientation" button resets the rotations, zoom and move operations done with the mouse to the default setting.