30.06.2015: Version 0.8.0 is released

Regard3D 0.8.0 has been released! Please find it under the links provided in the Download page.


  • Upgraded to OpenMVG 0.8.1
  • Changed multithreading in compute matches step

With this new version, Regard3D uses the new OpenMVG 0.8.1 chain. To the user, the most notable change is that the global SfM pipeline now also accepts picture sets with more than one focal length. Internally, triangulation results are now stored in a (binary) JSON file created with the Cereal library.

Regard3D 0.8.0 can read and work with projects created with previous versions of Regard3D. However, projects created with Regard3D 0.8.0 can't be read with previous versions  of Regard3D.

The changed multithreading in the compute step improves the speed of this step for large images. For small to medium sized images, the speed should be about the same.